Hype Academy?

Crypto marketers rise through the ranks faster and make 32.7% more on average.

Easy to fit into your busy schedule: a part-time, 8 week course with limited spots to guarantee engaging, live lessons.

Experience work at a blockchain company: get involved in a Hype initiative specifically tailored to this course.

Exclusive community and networking opportunity powered by a 3 month job-placement period with our Academy Partners.

Hype is the leading crypto marketing agency and has grown over 100 blockchain projects. We bundle all of our learnings into this 8 week course.

Gain first-hand experience and enrich your portfolio by developing your own crypto marketing campaign.

One-of-a-kind course to learn directly from Hype’s senior marketers and CMOs at top crypto projects.

We are investing in your talent! Receive a full refund on your deposit after completing the entire Hype Academy programme.


your marketing career


  • Part-time, online 8 week course.
  • 5 hours of live classes with Industry Leaders each week.
  • Pre-course material and 3 month job-placement process.
  • Our 2021 winter course runs 18 October through 10 December.

Application Process

  • Limited to 20 spots.
  • Complete the application (~30 min). You will hear back by 4 October.
  • $1K deposit on acceptance (10% discount for crypto), fully refunded after our 5 month programme.
    *Need-based scholarships on application.


  • Curriculum designed by the leading crypto marketers.
  • Networking & interviewing opportunities with top blockchain companies.  
  • Exclusive community for students and instructors.


for digital marketers

Crypto Marketing 101

This course is designed for top digital marketers with experience in PR, SEM, paid marketing, or other functions of growth marketing.

Maybe you've heard of NFTs, bitcoin, DeFi, or the metaverse, and have noticed the rapid growth and opportunities in this industry, but don't know where to start.
Hype Academy is investing in you as the future marketers of this space.

You don't need any experience in crypto. We will teach you everything you need to become a successful web3 marketer, then help you land a job at a top blockchain company. 

Hype Academy’s cohorts are reserved for
20 of the top digital marketers around the world who are looking to level up their careers and want to enter early as leaders in this market.


course curriculum

Blockchain Projects’ Goals & Audiences

Key Channels, Crypto Influencers, & PR

Community Management

Content Creation Strategies

Analysis of Real Crypto Marketing Cases

Project 1: Get Involved in a Hype Initiative

Project 2: Develop your Own Crypto Campaign

Networking & Recruitment Process

Trusted by

Top Blockchain Projects

Hype Partners is the top community management and marketing agency in blockchain. We’ve worked with more than 100 successful projects in 16 countries, and have countless collaborations with top tier outlets and influencers.

Hype Academy connects top projects to marketers, making hiring easy. Our clients trust us and the strategies we use to boost their presence. We provide our students with the same knowledge to develop and run full marketing and growth strategies. 

Become a partner to join our network and access the next generation of leading crypto marketers.

Hire a Marketer

Upskill your marketing career at a top blockchain company — one of the fastest growing fields. Learn everything you need to become a top crypto marketer in 8 weeks. 

Best part? It’s free. Get your commitment deposit back after you graduate and complete our job-placement programme.






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