Why Hype Academy?

Join an exclusive community of new entrants and industry leaders.

Get post-graduation job support.

Earn an NFT certificate.

Exclusive access to bonus courses and guest lectures.

Boost your
marketing career

Application Process

  • Small cohorts.
  • $1K deposit on acceptance, with a 10% discount for payments in crypto.
  • Need-based scholarships.
  • Full refund after completion of the full 5 month programme.

Who is this for?

  • Experienced digital marketers.
  • Crypto curious or crypto enthusiasts.
  • Proven experts looking to break into Web3.


  • Part-time, online 8 week course.
  • 5 hours of live classes each week.
  • Pre-course material.
  • 3 month job-placement support.

Course Curriculum

Final Project

  • Develop your own 3 month marketing campaign.
  • Work with your peers.
  • Get feedback and guidance from Hype Partners' senior team.

Crypto Marketing

  • Projects Goals & Audiences
  • Key Channels, Influencers & PR
  • Community Management & Engagement
  • Content, Trends & DevRel
  • Use Cases Analysis
  • Token Launch Strategies
  • Case Studies


  • Get access to open marketing roles.
  • Expedited application process.
  • Interview with top or up-and-coming blockchain projects!

What our students say:

Hype Student

Rafael de Barros Correia Melo,

WEB3 Marketer

The Hype Academy course definitely achieves its goal of qualifying Web2 marketers on Web3. The course objectively covers most topics related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. In addition to that: an excellent team and prominent names as guest tutors.

Hype Student

Tolulope Ajayi,

WEB3 Marketer

Hype Academy helped me to navigate and launch my career in Crypto Marketing. They have amazing coaches as guides. It was an intensive and brilliant experience for me.

Hype Student

Rita Ihdayhid,

WEB3 Marketer

Web3 marketing course exceeded my expectations and provided excellent structured content. The tutors were well prepared and provided in-depth knowledge on each topic, in a way that is practical and easy to understand. I really enjoyed the course and the course materials. I’m sure I’ll refer to them often.

About Hype Partners

Hype Academy is built by Hype Partners ― the leading community management and marketing agency for blockchain companies.Since 2017,
Hype Partners has worked with top Web3 projects to develop engaging communities and impactful campaigns
that support the growth of the wider ecosystem.






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